California – Car Dealerships Not Selling ICE Vehicles in the Future?

ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) vehicles are about to be the old way of getting around in California.

The state has steered the future in reducing air pollution and in developing new EVs. As well as passing legislation to make owning an EV easier. California has now moved to eliminate gas-powered vehicles completely. Are you a California resident over 18 years old? With Blink Mobility, an all-electric car sharing program you won’t have to worry about how to move around town. This greener transportation option in Los Angeles, offers rides at low rates for everyday needs. Rent an EV easily from over 40 convenient locations near you, without having to worry about the ownership costs. Regardless of how the market changes in the next few years, Blink Mobility has your transportation needs covered! The state is rapidly switching to electric vehicles, test drive an EV with our service to begin your journey towards electric driving.

California’s Transition to EVs

State legislators acted this month to restrict and eventually ban all ICE vehicles, an enormous step that shocked even EV proponents. “This is huge,” said Margo Oge, an EV expert who headed the Environmental Protection Agency’s transportation emissions program under Presidents Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama. Not only for the changes this represent for the state, but also for the rest of the nation. California is the largest auto market in the United States. It accounts for over 9% of U.S. new car sales and about 38% of U.S. new electric-vehicle sales. And, more than a dozen other states typically follow California’s lead when setting their own auto emissions standards.

Positive Environmental Implications

 California legislature took this step in response to increasing air pollution and the passage of an expansive new climate change law by the Biden administration. Which continued a $7,500 EV tax credit incentive for new owners, a policy abandoned by the previous administration. California has stated the federal “provision would combine with $10 billion in a state program to make automobiles more affordable. In addition to building charging stations and other electric vehicle infrastructure, particularly in low-income communities.” The switch to electric is crucial as transportation continues to be a major source of air pollution in the nation. Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from transportation account for about 27 percent of total U.S. greenhouse gas emissions. Electric vehicles have a smaller carbon footprint than gasoline cars, even when accounting for the electricity used for charging. Moreover, EVs produce no tailpipe emissions, which avoids pollutants being released into the environment.

This new rule, issued by the California Air Resources Board, requires all new cars sold to be 100% free of greenhouse gas emissions by 2035. It also sets big temporary targets “requiring that 35% of new passenger vehicles sold by 2026 produce zero emissions.” That requirement climbs to 68 percent by 2030.

Governor Gavin Newsome stated this is one of the most significant steps ever taken to reduce tailpipe emissions. He added that future generation are going to act the same way towards ICE vehicles, as rotary phones or changing the channel on TV. In short, the transition from gas-powered vehicles to electric vehicles no longer feels niche, or speculative. It feels inevitable. The future of transportation is electric, and with our EV car-sharing service you can ease into this transition.


The Auto Market’s Position

The auto industry appears to be on board with these new regulations. For instance, Elizabeth Winter, spokesperson for GM stated, “General Motors and California share a vision for an all-electric future.” Ford Sustainability Officer Bob Holycross said the company plans to invest $50 billion on EVs. While Chrysler said it planned 25 new EV models by 2025 to help California meet its goal. Additionally, Honda called the new rule “an ambitious but important milestone.” Automakers everywhere are embracing the rapid change towards clean and sustainable transportation. So, it is expected that car dealerships in California won’t be selling ICE vehicles in the future. With little standing in its way, the California legislature has set up the state to become the first all-electric vehicle state in the union, making driving EVs easier than ever, and it seems most car companies are ready to be part of it all.

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