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Car Sharing Etiquette and Safety Tips

We are wrapping up National Safety Month with these year-round safety tips to keep in mind when car sharing, renting an EV, or just out on the town. Check out these seven safety suggestions below to stay safe on and off the road and keep rolling along this summer. Be Careful When You’re Inspecting Your

What’s the Difference Between Ride Sharing, Car Rental, and Car Sharing?

Need a car but confused by all the options? Do you need the car for days, hours, or one event? Do you want to schedule and pay for the car ahead of time or do you want to be able to keep a more flexible schedule? Asking yourself these questions will help you choose the

Things To Do With Dad in LA

No Idea Where to Take Dad for Father’s Day in L.A.? There Are More Choices Than You May Think Does your father live in L.A. or is he coming to visit? Los Angeles activities seem geared toward twenty-somethings who party hard, but there are many lesser-known activities for quieter types, mature folks, and yes, even

Re-Charge Your Batteries With These L.A.-Based Day Trips

Ready to take a vacation but responsibilities at work, with family, or financial stress, are making a big vacation this time of year impossible? You can still get out of the daily grind and feel like you took a break with a day trip in or around Los Angeles. If you’re ready to take a

Extreme Weather and EVs

Range anxiety is a common issue for those who want to purchase EVs but are concerned they may not make it to the next charging station before they run out of charge, and many fear temperature extremes shorten range. Most EV owners know that cold temperatures reduce range and require more charging stops, but few

Do a World of Good with These Six Organizations Making a Difference in L.A.

Let’s go on a community service ride. The following organizations are leading the way for a better L.A.! If you’re looking for a volunteer opportunity, special event, a way to make new friends, or even an internship, look no further than these six L.A. community organizations serving the city’s less fortunate. These top community organizations