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5 Ways to Be Eco-Friendly This Holiday Season

The holiday season is for giving and celebrating joy. By being conscious of the environment and your effect on our climate, you can be effective during a sustainable season filled with choices that reflect growing concern for the environment. There are plenty of ways to celebrate the holidays while championing eco-friendly alternatives and options. At

Blink Mobility Mobile App Updates and OCPI

What is OCPI? Open Charge Point Interface (OCPI) is a free communication protocol that is managed by the EV Roaming Foundation. This technology is a way for your electric vehicle to communicate with and use EV charging stations through a central system. Further known as a scalable automated roaming charging network, set up between Charge

Car Sharing Market: Insights, Trends, Challenges, and Opportunities

When it comes to ecology, transportation represents the main challenge everyone faces. Car sharing brings an alternative transport for all. We need to go to work or grocery shopping, but using fossil energy-fueled vehicles damages our planet and causes many issues, including health issues. Public transportation is a solution when commuting, but it comes with

Rent an EV to Go to These Local Halloween Events

The spooky season is upon us! Southern California has more than enough thrills and treats for the entire family with local Halloween events. Hit these drive-through or family-friendly events throughout Los Angeles and Orange County for a frightfully fun time. If you are a member or would like to become a member of Blue LA

The Impact of Vandalism at Charging Stations

The expansion of electric vehicle adoption has accelerated in the last years, this change in transportation has raised challenges for EV charging providers. With the main concern being the need to grow charging infrastructure across the country. In addition to making charging stations accessible to all EV drivers in convenient locations, another big challenge for

Drive an EV to These Hispanic Heritage Month Events in LA

Los Angeles is filled with Hispanic culture and during one special month it is celebrated everywhere. Every year, the community overflows with music, art, and tantalizing dishes at exciting events that proudly celebrate Latin Heritage. Make sure you don’t miss out on local LA celebrations honoring Hispanic Heritage Month. Use our electric vehicles to make