The Impact of Vandalism on All-Electric Car Sharing Stations in Disadvantaged Communities

At Blink Mobility, our mission is to provide affordable, sustainable transportation to everyone, especially in disadvantaged communities. We are proud to offer discounted rates for low-income individuals, ensuring that essential transportation is accessible for work, school, and everyday errands. However, the growing issue of vandalism threatens our ability to serve these neighborhoods effectively.

The Importance of Our Service

Our all-electric car sharing service is more than just a convenient way to get around; it’s a lifeline for many residents in disadvantaged communities. Affordable, reliable transportation is crucial for accessing job opportunities, educational institutions, and essential services. The service even creates job opportunities, allowing members to drive for services such as Uber, Lyft, DoorDash, and more. By providing discounted rates, we aim to support these communities, helping residents lead more connected, fruitful, and productive lives.

The Cost of Vandalism

Unfortunately, our stations have become targets for vandals, particularly those seeking to steal copper cords. While the vandals might only receive a small amount of money for the stolen copper—typically around $20—the damage they cause is extensive and costly. Repairing the damage and replacing the stolen components can cost us thousands of dollars, impacting our ability to maintain and expand our services. Additionally, such acts of vandalism can result in grand theft charges, with serious legal consequences for those involved.

The Impact on the Community

The financial burden of maintaining and repairing vandalized stations diverts resources that could be used to improve and expand our services, and that allow us to maintain our affordable prices. This not only affects our ability to serve the community but also increases the costs for all users. More importantly, it disrupts the daily lives of residents who rely on our service for their essential transportation needs.

In addition, there have been multiple cases where in cutting the power to the EV charger, the vandals have cut the power for the entire street and disrupting the lives of all that live and work in the neighborhood.

Empowering Our Members

We believe that community ownership is key to protecting our car sharing stations. We urge our members to take pride in these shared resources and help us safeguard them. If you witness any suspicious activity or vandalism, please report it immediately. Your vigilance can make a significant difference in preventing further damage and ensuring the availability of our services.

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Working Together to Stop Vandalism

By working together, we can deter vandals and protect our stations. The impact of vandalism goes beyond the immediate financial cost; it affects the entire community by disrupting access to essential transportation. We are committed to serving these neighborhoods and need your help to do so effectively.

Take Action

We encourage all our members to stay alert and report any vandalism or suspicious activity. Remember, while vandals may gain a small amount of money from their actions, the cost to our community is enormous. Let’s work together to protect our stations and ensure that everyone can continue to benefit from our affordable, sustainable transportation options.


Thank you for being a part of the BlueLA car sharing community and for helping us keep our services available and reliable for everyone. Stay safe and vigilant.

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