Myth Buster: Is Your EV Going to Run Out of Charge Before You Find a Charger? Unlikely.

Electric vehicles are growing in popularity, but they’re still the minority of cars on the road. There are a little over 10 million EVs worldwide, just 1% of the cars on the road. Potential buyers have a few main reasons that they may consider an EV, and yet decide on a different car at the last minute. Upfront price and fear of expensive battery replacement are near the top of the list, but the biggest reason potential customers cite for not buying an EV is range anxiety.

What is range anxiety?

Range anxiety is the fear an electric vehicle will not have enough charge to be able to complete a journey to the driver’s destination or to a suitable charging station and will instead leave the driver stranded roadside. Most EV owners know this fear is mostly irrational, but it’s still very real for many drivers.

According to the Federal Highway Administration’s National Household Travel Survey, the largest percentage of trips using a car are between 6-10 miles, while the second largest is under a mile, so most EVs with a shorter range would be fine for most drivers. A car with 100 mile range would go far for such a driver. Brent Gruber, J.D. Power’s senior director of global automotive says in Forbes Wheels that while range anxiety may not be a real problem, it’s what the driver thinks that matters. He says, “It’s a matter of peace of mind.”

So, is there any merit to range anxiety?

Not really. A study from the Journal of Advanced Transportation found the feeling does go away with time and experience.

Peace of mind is easier to achieve when a driver chooses to plan a route ahead of time so they know where stations are and when the car will need to be recharged, when they use a charging station app, shut off unnecessary heat and air conditioning, and lighten the car’s load.

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Not sure where to charge?

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IQ200 Advanced Rectangular | Blink Mobility

Range anxiety becomes less serious as drivers get more accustomed to driving their EV, became familiar with how far their car could really go, and became confident about where charging stations nearby could be found. Get used to driving an EV and lose the anxiety with BlueLA Powered by Blink Mobility.



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