Sustainable Ideas for 2023 That Will Benefit Your Life!

The month of January sets the tone for the rest of the year. And we’re all setting and hopefully sticking to New Year’s Resolutions. If you haven’t quite figured out what your goals are for this year, you may want to look at how you can implement more sustainable living in your day to day. At Blink Mobility, we certainly have one option for you to live more sustainably! While incorporating more sustainable and green efforts into your life by renting an EV through our car sharing app. However, there are many other simple ways you can be more sustainable in 2023.

Make Quick Swaps

For example, in the kitchen we can use a lot of foil and plastic. One straightforward way to be more sustainable and incorporate sustainable ideas is to use silicone storage bags instead of Ziploc bags. You can also use glassware instead of plastic Tupperware to store your leftovers. If you’re a baker, you can switch from foil to silicone baking mats. Another great swap idea for the kitchen is to use cloth dishtowels or napkins. You could take another step and find an alternative made from bamboo to replace all the paper towels for cleaning up messes while cooking. Speaking of bamboo, you can use bamboo dishwashing brushes, which are the more sustainable option. While paper straws have been difficult for many of us to embrace, in your own home you could utilize metal straws. Which helps cut down on waste while you’re sipping away smoothies, juice, tea, or any drink at home.

Accountability is the Name of the Game

Setting small, scalable goals is the best way to really measure your success with sustainable efforts. As you resolve to be more eco-friendly, you can mark your green successes on a calendar. Make sure you start small, as trying to change too many things at once will become overwhelming and lead to failure. Avoid making you throw your hands in the air in defeat, with easy wins. By being specific about what you will do daily and weekly, you can start to see progress with your sustainability ideas in the new year. Whether it is to recycle weekly or to start composting or to use reusable products daily. If you share your goals with a friend or loved one, you can help keep yourself accountable.

Reusable, Reusable, Reusable!

From reusable bags to reusable take out containers, there are plenty of ways to ensure you are being more sustainable this new year. Mostly by avoiding single-use products made from polluting materials. College campuses such as University of California, San Diego are providing reusable plastic takeout containers for students to reduce waste. Since we go through around 400 million tons of plastic a year, it would be wise to use reusable products whenever we can.

A reusable water bottle is another easy swap idea to be more sustainable. Single-use items are the most damaging to the environment, with landfills and oceans filling up with them globally. Make your own coffee instead of picking up a cup from your local coffee shop. You can even bring reusable deli containers or food containers to the store or farmer’s market for when you are picking up meat, fish, or produce. Reusable products are the surefire way to ensure you are helping better the community and the planet! By avoiding the use of items that ultimately pollute our environment.

Cartoon of 20 Eco-Friendly Products to Replace the Single-Use Disposable Items Haunting Your Kitchen

Eco-Friendly Cleaning

There are plenty of eco-friendly brands that offer cleaning products that are not only better to use for you. But also help save the environment from harsh chemicals and toxins. Major supermarkets and retailers offer a plethora of sustainable cleaning products. Whether you need laundry detergent, cleaning sprays, or wipes, you can find the eco-friendly alternative or green solution. Moreover, you could find a local shop that allows you to fill a glass spray bottle with a gentle cleaning solution. So that you can save money and reduce waste. One other way is to use reusable cleaning towels and wash them to guarantee they are hygienic. By reducing waste, you become more sustainable and help the environment in small ways every day. Which can make a significant impact for Southern California and our local communities.

Electric Avenue with EVs

With Blink Mobility, you have another great sustainable idea that you can incorporate into your daily life. By renting an EV or carpooling, you can be certain that you are reducing your carbon footprint. If you are in Los Angeles, Ventura County, or Orange County, you can become a member of Blink Mobility and easily rent an EV through our car sharing app and service. You can pick up an EV at one of your charging stations for errands or road trips. The best part is that you avoid car maintenance fees and insurance that can really add up. By renting an electric car, you are helping the environment and reducing the carbon footprint we all leave behind. Blink Mobility is here to make it effortless for you to make the switch to electric cars.

What are Your Sustainable Ideas?

We love to see Southern Californians make simple swaps and turn towards sustainability efforts. Share your ideas with Blink Mobility and move towards more eco-friendly goals! Email us your sustainable ideas or any questions you may have about Blink Mobility at or message us on Instagram @BlinkMobility.

We would love to see you how you have made sustainability a part of your life!

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