The Chevy Bolt for Blink Mobility

Blink is a leading owner/operator of electric vehicle charging stations, with chargers deployed around the world. Blink designs, manufactures, and deploys charging stations. Together with their clients, Blink is building a greener future.

In that spirit of innovation, Blink Mobility is a 100% electric car sharing service and part of the City of Los Angeles’s mobility solutions. Blink Mobility is available to anyone over 18 years of age with a valid driver’s license. Members have access to a network of shared electric vehicles 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, at self-service locations throughout central Los Angeles.

At Blink Mobility, the EVs we offer are top-of-the-line in appearance, safety, and quality, with a brand name you trust. The Chevy Bolt, the standard model in our lineup, is an all-electric hatchback. While it is a practical EV, the Bolt has many extras only found in higher-end vehicles like an impressive 259-mile range, longer than the Tesla 3.

The vehicle charges fast, roughly 100 miles for every 30 minutes on a DC Fast charger. However, with the Blink IQ 200 that delivers up to 65 miles of charge in an hour, the Bolt charges even faster, and gets 90-100 miles to the charge.

With 200 HP and 266 lbs. of torque, instantaneous acceleration means no sitting at lights that turn green. Car and Driver states that even at high speeds, “the electric Chevy still makes passing and merging on the highway a cinch.”

The Bolt is small and efficient enough every day traffic, but with a roomy interior and hatchback for moving or long trips. Thanks to a large hatchback area and roomy interior, the Bolt is big enough for up to 4-5 passengers and holds plenty of boxes, but is small enough to park almost anywhere. This compact car has even been compared to a cross-over because of how much interior space is usable.

The Bolt received a 5-Star Safety Rating from National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Safety features include forward collision warning, lane change assistance, automatic high-beams, and pedestrian detection, on some models.

All models include the cutting-edge regenerative braking system. Some EVs are now One-Pedal driven. While those who use the system say it feels strange on the first few uses, it’s a wonder in congested traffic. While there is a pedal brake, some EVs, especially the Chevy Bolt, can use the engine to come to a complete stop without use of the brake. Car and Driver reports, the Bolt “can be braked to a stop without touching its brake pedal by pulling a steering-wheel paddle.” When the brake pedal is used, it has above-average stopping power.

A large central touchscreen makes special features easy to use. Use your smart phone to play music and navigate, as all Bolts have Apple CarPlay and Android Audio capability standard. EV performance is also part of the touchscreen and drivers can find statistics on their battery usage and range.

With plenty of space, good looks, extras, and amazing range, the Chevy Bolt is a practical EV with the extras of a luxury model, and they are standard at Blink Mobility. Blink Mobility is the sustainable way to drive L.A.


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