5 Ways to Be Eco-Friendly This Holiday Season

The holiday season is for giving and celebrating joy. By being conscious of the environment and your effect on our climate, you can be effective during a sustainable season filled with choices that reflect growing concern for the environment. There are plenty of ways to celebrate the holidays while championing eco-friendly alternatives and options. At Blink Mobility, we are proud to support and catapult into an environmentally conscious future with our carsharing app featuring electric vehicles to rent. If you are a member or would like to become a member of Blue LA powered by Blink Mobility, you can easily rent an electric vehicle from LA’s best electric car sharing service. For all your transportation needs, whether they involve shopping, holiday parties, holiday visits or family road trips.

Shop Local for Eco-Friendly Gifts

Localizing your gifts not only supports a greener and healthier environment. But, it also helps small businesses in your community grow and sustain themselves. Which allows them to offer more locally sourced items and ingredients. Also, even better if the shops can be accessed by foot or bicycle since you would be downsizing your carbon footprint during the hectic holiday rush. Even more bonus points if you gift is eco-friendly with minimal packaging, recyclable materials or made with a low footprint. You can use DoneGood to check if the brands you are interested in are socially and environmentally responsible. If you are crafty, take a stab at making your friends and family gifts. Taking the time and effort to make something for friends and family is basically a gift in and of itself! But that still requires coming up with ideas for homemade gifts, which can be quite a struggle. So, check out this guide for inspiration: DIY gifts. Another option is online shopping, but you must be wary of the shipping and handling adding to waste.

Make Your Own Wrapping Paper

You can use scarves, bandanas, newspapers, maps, comics, cloth, brown craft paper, foil, or recycled paper to create your own beautiful wrapping paper to present gifts to family and friends. Without sacrificing style, you can switch to this environmentally friendly option. Which also shows your immense care and attention-to-detail, personalizing gift-giving in a touching way. Incorporate children and relatives into crafting the wrapping paper. Or wrapping presents together, for more festive fun during the holidays.

Rent an EV

The most eco-friendly way to help save the environment this season is to travel in an electric vehicle. You can easily rent an EV 24/7 from Blink Mobility by becoming a member! And now, you can start a charging session or end a rental just through the app. Making the short rental experience an even easier way to carshare. Blink Mobility powered by Blue LA is the best choice for renting electric vehicles in Los Angeles and throughout SoCal. For quick trips and errands, you can easily pick up and drop off the rental at convenient locations in the city. Additionally, you can schedule longer sessions for a discounted prices for a road trip or to visit family or friends. If you have relatives visiting, you can have them rent an EV to get around the city during their stay. The possibilities are endless with Blink Mobility!

Solar-Powered Decorations

Use solar panels for all your lights and décor during the holiday season. Make sure you have LED lightbulbs as they consume 70% less energy than the conventional incandescent lights. You can even find solar-powered ones. Regulate the timeframe lights are on so that you can lessen overall usage. For any other décor, avoid lights and create crafts or place mementos from holidays past to bring on the cheer in your home.

Get a Live Tree and Recycle

To be environmentally conscious, get a native tree that is potted. You can also opt for a locally grown tree if you are able to find a farm nearby. The potted trees can be replanted after the holidays are over, so you are adding a tree back into the landscape. After the holidays are over, you should compost the tree in a backyard system if possible or recycle the tree at a local recycling center.

An Environmentally Friendly Holiday

As the end of the year fast approaches, the festivities ramp up and you can celebrate the holidays with Blink Mobility! Through the Blink Mobility App, transportation is easy and sustainable. Share your trip and photos with Blink Mobility and we’ll feature you on our website! Email us your pics at info@blinkmobility.wpenginepowered.com or tag us on Instagram @BlinkMobility. We would love to see you celebrating the holidays with an eco-friendly electric car!

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