Blink Mobility Mobile App Updates and OCPI

What is OCPI?

Open Charge Point Interface (OCPI) is a free communication protocol that is managed by the EV Roaming Foundation. This technology is a way for your electric vehicle to communicate with and use EV charging stations through a central system. Further known as a scalable automated roaming charging network, set up between Charge Point Operators and eMobility Service Providers. BlueLA powered by Blink Mobility has now joined the OCPI network to the great benefit of members and the EV community.

How Does OCPI Help Eliminate the Need for BM Cards? Rent Entirely from Your Phone

With Blink Mobility joining OCPI, members can now end a rental or start a charging session right from the app. Usually, members are billed usage by the minute and to end a rental session. Meaning the EV would need to be returned to a charging station and plugged in. If there is any issue, you could be continuously billed. Now, Blink Mobility members can easily end a rental session from their phones. You will also have a 20-minute window to pick up your electric rental car before billing begins. So, you can hold the vehicle and ensure you are able to rent then. The best part is that new members can start renting electric vehicles immediately. Instead of having to wait for their Blink Mobility membership card to arrive in the mail. As soon as drivers are approved, they can rent an electric car from Blink Mobility. In the app, members will receive a code to enter on the charger screen to begin a rental.

How Does OCPI Improve the Driver Experience?

Think about how having specific, different payment methods accepted by different gas stations would make refueling difficult for drivers. Well, electric vehicle users often face the obstacle of different EV charging stations requiring different methods or billing processes. Through OCPI, EV drivers seamlessly move from one mobile operator’s network to another. EV drivers can plug into various EV charging networks while roaming. Which is due to technology like what the telecommunications or banking industry utilizes. Having access to this wide range leads to ease within the charging process for any electric car user. However, Blink Mobility members that rent EVs from our self-service stations in Los Angeles don’t ever have to worry about this. First, because our rental cars are powered by fast Blink Charging stations strategically placed at convenient locations. Second, because drivers can easily find a station using the map in the Blink Mobility App.

How to Get Started with OCPI?

You will need to update the app and wait for the grace period to pass. Check out this YouTube video to learn how to end your rental and start a new charge. Blink Mobility manages the rest. Through the protocol, charging is seamless, and billing is simplified with no effort required on the part of members.

With connection and communication between different EV charging stations, EV drivers have a much better chance of charging their vehicles at competitive rates wherever they are and whenever they need to. EV drivers have an overall more optimal user experience with no need to worry about location, operators, equipment, pricing, tariffs, or availability. OCPI supports authorization of charging stations, sharing of charge point information including live transactions, reconciliation of transactions, remote charge point commands, and smart-charging related information adding an unprecedented level of transparency to the EV industry. Charging stations do not need to rely on one manufacturer or system supplier, and can switch to another network, which fuels the market competition.

EV drivers benefit in the end since charging stations expand and can offer more affordable pricing or service. Billing is simplified with different stations compiled into one. Any time the EV industry or an EV platform has electric cars crossing national or state lines, there can be tariffs involved. But with OCPI, any energy tariffs would be all-in-one, consolidated bill. Overall, OCPI benefits Blink Mobility, and Blink Mobility can trickle down the benefits to drivers, creating a better electric carsharing experience for members.

Simplifying EV Car-Sharing and Promoting Electrification

By creating the flexibility enjoyed by gas-powered vehicle drivers for EV drivers, OCPI helps to increase the adoption rate. While encouraging a move towards the clean energy of electric vehicles. Accessibility worldwide helps ensure freedom in travel. And pushes consumers and the industry further into full adoption to create an interrupted network. Here in the U.S., we are a bit away from the implementation that the EU has had so far with OCPI. The goal is reliable EV charging services for all drivers regardless of the EV service provider or geography.

The Easiest Way to Charge an EV Rental

OCPI provides smart charging capabilities to allow interaction with specific chargers on multiple networks. Which leads to energy distribution and more smart charging. Sharing real-time billing, mobile access, and data such as location, pricing, accessibility, OCPI links EV drivers to EV charging stations effortlessly. The easier electric vehicles become to drive and fuel… The more likely we are to see a switch and growth within the EV industry. This impressive charging infrastructure unifies charging to create the best driving experience for electric vehicle owners or renters. While sharing relevant real-time information regarding available charging stations. As part of the EV community, Blink Mobility champions any advancement that would propel a more user-friendly experience.

Learn more about a Blink Mobility membership and sign up today. We offer a clean energy way to travel and ensure transportation in LA and Orange County. BlueLA powered by Blink Mobility offers 40 pickup locations, and with OCPI, Blink is making renting an electric vehicle even easier. We are excited to share this update and move to the app for billing and rental sessions, knowing it will create more ease of use for our valued members.

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