Car Share to These Eateries in Los Angeles

The City of Angels has some of the best restaurants and eateries you can find in Southern California. Whether you are watching your budget or looking to be sustainable in your choices, or looking to support local and woman-owned restaurants, LA has what you’re looking for when you want to grub.

As far as sustainability goes, it is more than just organic menu items. Takeout has become the norm with college students, millennials, and working families, but the costs can add up and it can be very wasteful if the restaurant is not practicing local sourcing or farm-to-table, or are not sustainable with their packaging. Why stop at the menu or containers when you can be sustainable in your transportation option to these eateries? By renting an electric car from Blink Mobility, you complete the sustainable loop and save on emissions and gas. Car share a Blink Mobility EV to these local gems for date night, a night out with friends in Los Angeles, or for a budget-friendly option.

Woman Owned Restaurants

In honor of International Women’s Day, we wanted to share this list of women-owned restaurants in Los Angeles put together by Regarding Her (RE:Her).

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RE:Her is a national non-profit on a mission to advance women entrepreneurs in the food and beverage industry. If you’re looking for a place to eat this weekend head out to one of these women-owned restaurants. This is the final weekend to enjoy the 10 Days RE:Her LA. Be sure to download your passport to partake in the fun. Bon Appetit!

Budget-Friendly Eateries

Mariscos Jalisco

Taco trucks are tantamount to some of Los Angeles’ most iconic spots. It is second nature to hit a local taco truck for a budget-friendly meal. The best and most authentic tacos you can have in Southern California are a constant search for residents. By being such a budget-friendly option, Mariscos Jalisco is an old-school taco truck that features tacos dorado de camarón, shrimp, Poseidon tostada with seafood, and has the best salsa roja. The tacos are only $2.50, helping you stick to a budget and enjoy eating out. If you need a ride to this taco truck, as a member of Blink Mobility, you can rent an EV to carshare to this budget-friendly restaurant in Los Angeles. As with most taco trucks, this gem is cash only, so factor that into your ride.

Zam Zam Market

The Zam Zam Market has a flavor explosion with South Asian dishes that are budget friendly. Located in Hawthorne, this local spot offers cheap Indian and Pakistani eats and is central to Los Angeles and Orange County. You can rent an EV to go try the chicken biryani for $14. With huge portions, you can share the menu items that feature basmati rice, meat, spices, and boiled potato. The ingredients hark back to India’s Lucknow and Hyderabad, with zesty, hot spices that will need cooling down from the raita, a yogurt side with cilantro and mint.

My Dung

Located in Chinatown near Downtown LA, My Dung is a Vietnamese sandwich shop that is budget-friendly and delicious. They offer affordable fruits and vegetables for their creative bánh mì, which is only $5. You can choose from fillings such as grilled pork sausage, chicken, pork with skin, or pâté. As traditional Vietnamese sandwiches do, these feature a French loaf stuffed with cilantro, shredded carrot, pickled radish, jalapeño. You can wash it down with soymilk for $1.25 or add fruit as a side. Make sure you bring cash when you drive up to this spot in an EV from Blink Mobility.

Sustainable Restaurants

Plant Food + Wine

Hit a date night at Plant Food + Wine on the infamous Abbott Kinney in Venice Beach. This restaurant supports local farmers and builds relationships with growers to create a health-conscious and vegan menu that avoids food waste, which is a tenet of sustainability. Recently, they were awarded the Sustainable Restaurant Award by the Sustainable Business Council of LA. Not only do they use eco-friendly chemicals and cleaning agents in the kitchen, and an energy-efficient dishwasher, they offer compostable and recyclable carryout containers. Plant + Wine exemplifies sustainability for the younger generation by collaborating with an elementary school across the street that has an edible garden the students care for to learn about local food sources. Ensure that you are being sustainable by renting an EV for the drive to your date night in LA.

The Albright

Ocean front views welcome you at this local, family-owned restaurant situated near the Santa Monica Pier featuring a locally sourced seafood menu and craft beer that would be perfect for your date night in Los Angeles. As residents, they work on sustainable practices such as being as energy efficient as possible. They use only refurbished and previously used appliances and Energy Star kitchen equipment as well as having solar panels for energy. They have won the Sustainable Quality Award for Stewardship of the Natural Environment (SQA) from the City of Santa Monica, which makes sense when you learn that they donate all their kitchen grease for use as biofuel by the Flores Grease Company. You can feel good enjoying a delicious meal at the Albright, especially if you car share to the restaurant by renting an EV from Blink Mobility.

Car Sharing Made Easy!

We love to see Southern Californians focus on sustainability and carpooling by renting our EVs. Share your next trip with Blink Mobility. Email us your photos at [email protected] or message us on Instagram @BlinkMobility to share your best trips to these budget-friendly, sustainable, and woman-owned restaurants.

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