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Community services play a crucial role in building strong, vibrant communities. By volunteering our time and resources to support local communities, organizations, and causes, we can make meaningful differences in the lives of those around us, while also contributing to the common good. Whether we’re helping to feed the hungry, caring for the sick and elderly, or protecting the environment, every act of service has the power to create positive change and inspire others to the same. Community services also offer valuable opportunities for personal growth and development. By giving back to our communities, we not only help to make them stronger and more resilient, but we also strengthen our own sense of purpose and belonging in the world.

Get Involved

Want to get more involved in Los Angeles? Check out: Do a World of Good with These Six Organizations Making a Difference in L.A. to learn about 6 community based organizations that are leading the way for a better LA.

Resources for Friends & Family

Not all of us get to have access to things like a cell phone or an electric vehicle. If you’re seeking help finding resources for yourself or for a friend, then you’ve landed in the right place.

Electric Vehicles

At Blink Mobility we’re passionate about the environment and about ensuring everyone gets access to electric vehicles and chargers regardless of neighborhood or income status. This is why Blink Mobility offers a community membership that gives low-income individuals access to EV’s for $1 per month and why a significant number of Blink Mobility’s car sharing stations are in low-income neighborhoods in Central and South LA. Our inclusive service is available to anyone over the age of 18 with a valid driver’s license. The Community membership grants access to electric vehicles at discounted rental rates. Having affordable access to EV’s helps struggling students and families drive to where they need to go without having to bear the burden of car ownership.

Do You Qualify for a Blink Mobility Community Membership?

Community memberships are available to low-income qualified individuals. If you can provide any of the items on this accepted list, then you qualify to be a community member. If you do not qualify, have no fear, Standard membership rate is only $5 per month.

Mobile Phones

To access Blink Mobility’s fleet of EVs, you must have a mobile phone to download and use our car sharing app. Some low-income families and students are unable to purchase a mobile phone and keep up with monthly payment plans. California LifeLine is a state program that provides the Affordable Connectivity Program with discounted home and mobile phone services to low-income eligible households. Households can either receive a discounted home or mobile phone. The discounts offered reduce the cost of phone bills, making having a mobile phone more cost-effective for residents. Learn how you can qualify for the program online. The home or mobile phone provider must be approved by California LifeLine, and you must submit a form to see your eligibility and have your status reviewed.

Assurance Wireless offers the Lifeline Assistance Program for consumers who meet federal or state-specific eligibility requirements to receive a free mobile phone. It is non-transferable and you will need to provide proof of income to participate. Only one wireless or wired line per household is allowed. Even Los Angeles residents at a temporary address are eligible. The free service includes free monthly data, free unlimited texts, and free monthly minutes as well as a free Android Smartphone. This allows low-income Angelenos to download and use the Blink Mobility app to rent an electric car and have the benefit of transportation that they need.

mobile phone | Blink Mobility

Car Seats for Young Children

In need of a car seat but can’t afford one? Child safety seat distribution programs in Los Angeles County provide car seats for free as well as training to help families learn how to use car seats, the need for safety precautions while driving with young children, and access to the equipment needed. Classes are provided in English and Spanish, making them more accessible to bilingual or English as a Second Language (ESL) families. For many of these programs throughout Los Angeles County, families must provide proof of low-income status and need to meet eligibility requirements, which vary by city. Run by SafetyBeltSafe USA in Altadena, a national non-profit organization dedicated to child passenger safety, these programs educate parents and help ensure that they are aware of how and why to use car seats. Blink Mobility vehicles have a LATCH system installed in the back seat of the vehicle to enable securing a child seat for safe transport of young children. Armed with a child car seat, parents can now rent an EV through Blink Mobility and know that they will be able to get around safely and affordably.

car seat | Blink Mobility

Do You Qualify for EBT?

If you struggle to make ends meet and need support to provide meals to your family, you can turn to CalFresh Program. Find out if you qualify for EBT, the Electric Benefit Transfer, which is a community service, that allows low-income households to increase their purchasing power at participating grocery stores and restaurants. You can quickly sign up online and provide identification to receive the benefits and begin using your EBT card for fresh meals and ingredients. If you qualify for EBT, you certainly qualify for a Blink Mobility community membership.

Sharing is Caring

We support the community by providing access to electric vehicles at low cost. Sharing a car with the community allows for less carbon emissions in the air, less strain on the wallet, and more opportunities to work in and explore other parts of Los Angeles, Ventura, and Orange County. We love to hear about the positive impact Blink Mobility has on your life. Share your photos around town and tag us on Instagram @BlinkMobility or email us at [email protected] to share your story with us.

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