EV Upcoming Trends 2022

Curious about what’s coming up in the world of electric vehicles? Blink reveals some of the newest tech that may be showing up soon at a charger near you.

2022 is just around the corner and the future of EVs is stronger than ever. New electric vehicles offer consumers more choices, and new, cutting-edge technology makes EV charging easier and smarter than ever.

New Year, New Charging Technology

Deloitte research found 2022 may be the year the price of EVs matches the price of gas-powered vehicles, and more charging stations will be needed. Over 5 million new EVs are expected in California alone in the next decade, and numbers like that require more electric vehicle charging stations and infrastructure than ever.

According to usa.evcharging-infrastructure.com, “While charging technology has been evolving at a faster pace, electrical infrastructure development across the US has remained a challenge. According to a recent report by McKinsey & Company, EV charging-energy demand for electric vehicles could reach 53 billion kilowatt-hours by 2030, a 20-fold increase needed to support the upcoming tide of electric vehicles.”

According to the site, important topics in EVSE this coming year include infrastructure forecasts, Smart EV ports and Smart charging, V2X tech, Ultra Fast charging, examining city policies and plans to make room for EVSE infrastructure, and working with policy makers to increase public EVSE presence.

Infrastructure forecasts revolve around the need for more chargers than ever before to meet EV demand. EVSE technology is changing daily, becoming more and more convenient for the consumer. Plug and Charge may be the most convenient new development recently.

Smart charging, such as Plug and Charge, enables EVs to speak to EV chargers so the driver can recharge without the need for membership cards, phone apps, or dialing an 800 number to make the charger work. The EV identifies itself to the charger, which looks up billing information about the driver, who in turn can pay for the charge without the inconvenience of struggling for cards and key fobs. According to The Driven, Plug and Charge could turn any EV into the equivalent of a smart phone, able to download information and pay bills.

Another brand-new technology on the horizon to become more important this year is V2X. According to Autoweek, “Vehicle-to-everything, or V2X, is an all-encompassing term for a vehicle’s connected communications.”  The idea is that a vehicle will use its on-board communication tools to deliver real-time traffic information, changing road conditions, and be able to recognize road signs and warnings, and more. The days of being surprised by road delays may be over for EV drivers, yet another reason more EVs will be on the road.

The biggest goal of the EV industry is to get as many EV drivers on the road as possible and replace as many polluting vehicles as possible. Most think EV infrastructure is the missing link between drivers considering EVs and feeling safe purchasing them. Industry leaders also understand there are millions of Americans who simply will not wait hours to refuel their vehicles. The secret? Ultra fast charging. DC Fast Charging is already a common technology, but controversial. It doesn’t work for EVs with smaller batteries and range, and can be damaging to batteries, even causing them to fail prematurely, if used often. A safe new ultra fast technology could change the industry for good.

The new ultra fast charging would be able to charge an EV 62 miles of range in 10 minutes. It would work with battery-buffered technology, which is stored, not drawn directly from the grid. This would keep the grid healthy, avoid blackouts, and allow the technology to reach rural areas where chargers are few and far between. This new tech would be a game changer for EV drivers

Policy makers are taking this new influx of technology seriously. The Biden Administration is planning $5 billion in-formula funding for states with a goal of building a national electric vehicle charging network.

More Ways to Charge, More EV Choices

Interested in buying your own EV? Barrons states American consumers will have 20 new EVs to choose from this year.

Lots of trucks will bring excitement to the industry in the new year, including the long-awaited Ford F-150 Electric Lightning. The Rivian Automotive RT1 and the Tesla Cybertruck are also available. An all-electric Hummer is coming, and the Chevy Silverado E version will probably be available in 2023.

Ford meanwhile has been bragging they can’t keep Mustang Mach 3s in showrooms and will be picking up production this year. The Mercedes EQB SUV is coming this year, as is BMW’s i4 coupe. The Subaru Solterra will present an affordable option for consumers this year.

Consumers will have more to choose from this year than ever before, and with over 300 EV models on the market total, there’s something for everyone in the new year.

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Cheers to an electric 2022!

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