Great Scenic Drives in Los Angeles

As we get deeper into the festivities of the season, you may find yourself entertaining and looking for fun holiday activities for the whole family. One of the best ways to take in the sights and genuinely enjoy the spirit of the holidays throughout Southern California is to take a scenic drive. Pile into a Blink Mobility electric car rental and head out to see the beautiful Pacific Ocean. Historic landmarks, and winding roads harking back to the old days of Hollywood glamour. LA’s best electric car sharing service is here to provide the transportation you need to host guests and celebrate the holidays in style.

Mulholland Drive

A cinematic classic, Mulholland Drive spans the foothills of the Santa Monica Mountains. Meandering through Ventura into Santa Monica, making it easy to spot the Hollywood Hills. Then, fly by the Getty and see Griffith Park in the distance. Sports cars speed by and the magnificent homes and city lights dotting the journey make for an interesting ride. Rent a Blink Mobility EV to take your visiting family and friends through all of Los Angeles’ major sights on a historic drive.

Pacific Coast Highway

Taking a ride on Pacific Coast Highway lets you soak up the thrilling ocean views and salt in the air. Beginning in Malibu, you can take PCH all the way down to San Clemente, the end of Orange County’s beautiful beaches. By renting an electric car from Blink Mobility, you can easily pick up and drop off at a charging station in Los Angeles, Orange County or Ventura County. You’ll help by making an eco-friendly choice to show your family and friends the best that Southern California has to offer. Stop at Neptune’s Net or Duke’s in Malibu, and make sure not to miss the Venice boardwalk. Or the Deck in Laguna Beach in Orange County. From the sun-soaked cliffs, green hills in the background and the amazing blue of the deep Pacific. This drive gives you a respite from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Griffith Observatory

With views of all of Los Angeles, the Griffith Observatory is a can’t miss trip for any local or visitor. Load a Blink Mobility electric car with your visiting relatives and drive up to Mount Hollywood. To then see the Hollywood sign, the stars, and explore the observatory. The most people have viewed through any telescope is the Zeiss refractor. With over seven million people having viewed since the observatory’s opening in the 1930s. The planetarium draws those curious about the night sky and astronomy. The observatory boasts different exhibits at various times of the year. Which gives everyone in the family something to explore.

Rent an EV to take your crew with you and enjoy discounted rides. You can save and avoid adding to the LA traffic on the way up to the Griffith Observatory through Los Feliz. Enjoy 45% off the first 3/5 hours of your rental by purchasing a rental package.


Rodeo Drive Beverly Hills

During the holidays, Rodeo Drive hosts a Lighting Celebration and throughout the season, you can see the fantastical Christmas lights nightly. There is the Glowing Garden at Beverly Cañon Gardens, the Lights on the Lily Pond at the Beverly Hills Lily Pond on Santa Monica Boulevard. You can find a map online to plan out your trek. The installations provide glitz and cheer in the festivities while giving families the opportunity to check out Rodeo Drive in all its glory. The backdrop of unbelievable Beverly Hills and Bel-Air homes. Which gives the evening an air of sophistication and beauty. Your relatives will love carpooling in a Blink Mobility electric car rental through the city to Beverly Hills. Take advantage of car-sharing and save on funds for travel or gifts for your family and friends.

Palos Verdes Peninsula

The Palos Verdes Peninsula is home to some of the most impressive mansions and landmarks. Such as the Point Vicente Lighthouse and the Korean Friendship Bell. The very winding and hilly road features plenty of opportunities to stop and enjoy the gorgeous ocean views. If you continue driving down to San Pedro, you can visit the Sunken City. Which is teeming with murals and local artwork juxtaposed. All against the dramatic cliffs and crashing waves of the Pacific. If you are a member of Blink Mobility, renting an electric vehicle to easily and eco-consciously take a drive with family is as easy as hopping on the Blink Mobility app. You can travel at your leisure and set a timeframe that works for your group. And your planned sightseeing to drop off the electric car at a Blink Mobility car charging station.

Share the Scenic Views

The Blink Mobility App makes transportation for a scenic drive simple so that you can focus on what matters most this season, family. Are you taking a ride in a Blink mobility electric car? Send your photos to Blink Mobility and we’ll feature you on our website! Email us at [email protected] or tag us on Instagram @BlinkMobility. We would love to see the sights on your picturesque drive!

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