How Long Does It Take to Re-Charge with a Blink Charger?

Thinking about renting a Blink Mobility electric vehicle, but concerned about re-charging time? We know electric vehicles save money and prevent air pollution, but for those who have never driven an EV before, knowing how long it can take to recharge the vehicle can be daunting. How long it takes to re-charge depends on two factors: how powerful the charger is and how much charge the vehicle can handle at once. So how long does it take to re-charge a Blink Mobility Chevy Bolt?

Charging Time

Currently, all of Blink Mobility’s rentable EVs are Chevy Bolts, a mid-size EV that can charge faster than ever before with Blink chargers. The Bolt has an estimated 259-mile range and goes from zero to 60 in 6.9 seconds. The Chevy Bolt was the first mainstream EV to have a range longer than 200 miles. The Bolt is small and efficient enough for trips to work, but with a roomy interior and hatchback for moving or long trips. Thanks to a large hatchback area and roomy interior, the Bolt is big enough for up to 4-5 passengers and holds plenty of boxes but is small enough to park almost anywhere. This compact car has even been compared to a cross-over because of how much interior space is usable!

It’s the perfect choice for those who want to run errands around town, but has enough range to visit friends and family, head to an amusement park or the beach, go to Ikea, and get just about anything done.

Blink Mobility offers package deals to save our drivers money. Try the 3-Hour City Sprint, perfect for running errands, visiting friends, or dropping by your favorite museum. Another option is the 5-Hour Break Away, great for going to the beach, moving across town, or a full day of shopping. Blink Mobility’s packages save you 45% on regular rates.

Need to re-charge?

Re-charging the Chevy Bolt is fast and efficient at Blink charging stations. The Blink IQ 200 is a better, faster option than the average Level Two public charger. With the IQ 200, the Chevy Bolt EV and EUV- with an onboard power rating of 7.7 kW and large battery size of 66 kWh- can fully charge in 8.57 hours, half the time of other Level Two chargers.

Our IQ 200 charger, which can charge at a rate of up to 65 RPH (miles of range per hour), has 80-amp output on a 100-amp circuit, making charging faster and easier than ever before.

Does It Really Take 8 Hours to Re-charge?

Never re-charged an EV before? Here’s the scoop. Re-charging an EV has more in common with plugging in your laptop than filling an ICEV with gas. Just like laptop and cell phone batteries, EV batteries are most efficient at a 40-80% charge. Drivers who are used to filling up a gas tank are accustomed to running the tank all the way down and then filling it up completely again, but

EV drivers are opportunistic re-chargers. Headed to Disneyland? Use the Blink chargers at Carl’s Jr. at 31010 E. La Palma in Anaheim to grab a 30-minute charge while getting dinner. Going to the beach? Try the Blink Chargers at the Waverly, at 1705 Ocean Ave, while you lie in the sun.

EV drivers always keep their cars partially charged and refuel when it’s convenient. How long it takes to recharge your EV is dependent on several factors. The Blink IQ 200 is designed to charge faster than other Level Two chargers, without the damage or expense of Superchargers. The Blink IQ 200 is perfect for getting Blink Mobility drivers back on the road fast which is why all our stations consist of Blink IQ 200 chargers.

BlueLA powered by Blink Mobility, and operated by Blink Charging, a leader in EV charging infrastructure since 2009, is fully committed to providing access to affordable and clean transportation alternatives, and EV charging solutions.






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