How to Get More Involved in Your LA Community

Looking for a way to help, get involved, find a hobby, or just a way to spend time? Maybe you’re passionate about a particular cause or frustrated with decisions made by your local school board? Getting involved in your community can improve not only the lives of the people near you, but also your own.

Want to get started? Here are some ideas about how to begin:

  1. Donate to local charities. While it can be tempting to donate to national charities with big names, you may be able to do more good with local charities which can put your money to immediate use in the community instead of paying for overhead and salaries. You can also ask your place of business to donate, such as over-ordered kitchenware or pens, paper, etc., or to do pro bono work for the charity.
  1. Volunteer your time. Far more people are willing to make an online donation than would consider picking up trash or collecting items and taking them to a charity. If you have some spare time, most charities need bodies helping them out more than anything. You can also ask your place of business to put up a notice so several people can go as a group. We know firsthand that volunteering together is a great bonding experience!
  1. Serve on a board. Ever wonder how people get involved in politics? Most start with their local school board. If you would like to get the chance to influence your community, running for school board is a great place to start. The board of local charities or businesses is also a good option. It is also a great way to network and get the word out about your own business or charity.
  1. Get involved in local sports. Did you play sports when you were younger? Why not be a captain, coach, or umpire of a local team? Kids’ sports are in almost every community and organizations have a tough time getting people to take leadership positions on kids’ teams. There are plenty of adult teams too, like local soccer or basketball teams, or why not play yourself?

Need a few ideas?

Are you a surfer, enthusiastic about the ocean? Why not donate to Ocean Conservancy and join a local group that cleans up the beach like Los Angeles Waterkeeper, Surfrider Foundation, and Heal the Bay? Love kids? Why not coach a Little League team, volunteer to babysit during a marathon or other adult event, or even start a daycare center to help working parents?

Want to make sure kids can read books about all different kinds of people or concerned about homelessness and hunger? Find out how to run for school board or volunteer with a library. Check out the Los Angeles Regional Foodbank or Los Angeles Covenant House.

Passionate about the environment? Tree People needs volunteers for local tree plantings at schools and those who want to re-plant burned forests in the L.A. mountains. Other organizations include Grades of Green or Friends of the L.A. River. Want to be environmental every day? Consider carpooling or driving electric. You already know you don’t have to purchase an EV to drive an electric vehicle in Los Angeles! Check out Blink Mobility for our inexpensive rental rates and low membership fees.

BlueLA powered by Blink Mobility, is a smarter, greener transportation option in Los Angeles, improving the community and environment one ride at a time. Become a member today to gain access to fully electric vehicles that can get you to your local activities with zero-emissions. Clean and convenient EVs can be picked up and dropped off at 40 locations around the city, making the need for your own car the old way of getting around.

Ready to make a difference in your community? It starts with rolling up your sleeves and joining. If you want to help your community and make new friends, try out some of these local Los Angeles charities and organizations where you can make a real difference.


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