How to Rent an EV with Blink Mobility Car Sharing

With gas prices through the roof and environmental concerns mounting, you may be cutting back or looking for a cleaner option for transportation. Whether it’s to visit your favorite local spots, run errands, or hit a concert. Blink Mobility offers electric vehicles that you can rent for quick zips through town or long hauls throughout Orange County, Ventura County and Los Angeles counties. You’ve heard about BlueLA powered by Blink Mobility being the best electric car sharing service in Los Angeles. But how do you rent a Blink Mobility electric vehicle? It’s easy to start renting electric vehicles with a Blink Mobility membership. While, it’s also very convenient since you can do the whole rental process with a smartphone!

1) Membership

You will need to become a Blink Mobility member to gain access to our fleet of electric cars. There are two types of membership. First, Blink Mobility offers a Standard Membership which provides access to the full fleet of electric vehicles for a $5 membership fee and only $.20 per minute usage fees. The Community Membership was created for low-income community members. Those who qualify for the reduced fees of $1 per month and $.15 per minute usage fees. To become a member, just download the app from the App or Play Store and click “Become a Member” to set up your member portal. You will need a valid U.S. driver’s license and to be at least 18 years of age.

2) How to Rent an Electric Vehicle

Once you become a member, take these steps to rent an electric vehicle from Blink Mobility:

  • Go on the BlueLA powered by Blink Mobility app and look for electric car charging stations to schedule your pickup.
  • You can set your rental length and pick up location at an available charging station.
  • Complete the pre-rental inspection of the electric vehicle you are renting. Make sure to document any damage.
  • Start the electric vehicle from the Blink Mobility and head out on the open road!
  • If you need to charge your rental electric vehicle, find, and stop at a Blink Charging station. You can charge your rental vehicle with the Blink Mobility card o with the app.
  • Drop off your electric car at the end of your trip at a charging station.
  • If at any point in the rental process, you need assistance, you can contact Customer Service at (888) 998-2546.

3) Get Started with Easy & Affordable Rides

Blink Mobility makes helping the environment easier with our simple and cleaner transportation option. We are here for students needing a quick way to get around town, or for a family coordinating travel to an event. Any time you need transportation, or a quick ride you can turn to Blink Mobility.

Our well-equipped electric cars give you the comfort of a personal vehicle without having to deal with the nuisances and costs of insurance and upkeep. We make renting our electric vehicles easy so that you can get the access to transportation that you need while helping the environment. Blink Mobility is accessible to drivers throughout Los Angeles and Orange County. Sign up and download the app to become a member today. Once you’re a member, renting an electric car will be fast and efficient.

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