Join Blink Mobility At These Summer Festivals in L.A.

What’s L.A. without summer festivals? The music, the food, the solidarity with the community…and Blink Mobility will be right there to celebrate in our hometown and provide information about our fully electric rental cars.


CicLaVia is a non-profit organization dedicated to keeping areas of Los Angeles car-free. They temporarily close streets to cars and create the space into a public park where residents can walk, bike, roller skate, etc through the city without car traffic. CicLaVia has already created over 243 miles of open streets, and 1.8 million residents have taken part in CicLaVia events. During event days, CicLaVia has five times more people using their temporary park space than are using all the other L.A. parks combined. CicLaVia has already reduced ultra-fine particles in the air by 20%.

Meet the Hollywoods! CicLaVia is opening up streets in Hollywood and West Hollywood on August 21, 9-4. Residents will be biking, walking, striding, and dancing through Hollywood! Everyone is welcome; the event is a park, not a race, so all ages and fitness levels are welcome. The event is free for all. Come see Blink Mobility at the park and learn more about renting EVs which have no tailpipe emissions.


Powerfest is a celebration of the South LA community created by the Community Coalition. Congressmember Karen Bass (at the time an ER physician’s assistant) got the group started in the 90’s when the crack/cocaine and violence epidemics that ripped through the community destroyed lives and families. Part of rejuvenating South L.A. has been replacing nuisance liquor stores with other businesses to bring families back to the sidewalks of South L.A. The goal of the Community Coalition is to empower residents and create a healthy, safe, and prosperous South LA.

Powerfest is a celebration of resident’s power to make a difference. This year’s festival will be held at the People’s Lot at Vermont and Manchester. The festival is held 2-9 pm, all ages welcome. It will feature live music, great food, and community pride. Blink Mobility will be there to celebrate the growth of the community and inform residents about how they can rent EVS for a lot less than purchasing a vehicle.

The Songkran Festival

Celebrate the Thai New Year at the Songkran Festival, August, 28. The parade begins at 10:30 am on Hollywood Blvd, going west from Vermont to Normandie. The festival features Thai Heritage Village, cultural dance, the Muay Thai Beauty Pageant, Live Music, Shops, Exhibitions, and of course, a lot of great Thai food, like Royal Khao Chae, a New Year’s specialty, and Prawn Pad Thai. All proceeds support the L.A. Thai community. Keep an eye out to see Blink Mobility’s EV in the parade and among the vendors to offer information about our low cost service.

The East Hollywood Farmer’s Market

Did you know that over 70% of people with diabetes in L.A. county are low income? Nearly 25% of East Hollywood residents live below the poverty level. The East Hollywood Farmer’s Market was started by the Thai Community Center as a way to get produce into the hands of residents of East Hollywood, especially kids, at reasonable prices. Access to affordable, locally grown produce is essential for health and the East Hollywood Farmer’s market brings it to the local community.

The organization also has a vision of bringing the farmer’s market, the Thai Community center, local senior and low income multiple-family housing units, nearby health clinics and organizations, and the Hollywood Family Source Center together to serve the East Hollywood community’s needs on every front. They plan to mix job creation and financial literacy classes with nutrition and exercise classes to feed the community’s body and soul. They assist residents with signing up for Cali Fresh benefits and WIC on site. You can help by visiting the farmer’s market and buying fresh produce.

Blink Mobility will be on-hand every other Thursday this summer to let the community know about our $1 memberships for disadvantaged communities and how renting EVs can be a lot less expensive than purchasing a car.

Head in the Clouds

Summer isn’t summer without music festivals. The Head in the Clouds Festival is a music festival celebrating Korean talent, such as Artarashii Gakko! and Warren Hue, as well as hip hop legends like TigerJK and Moon Mi-rae. It returns to Pasadena this year at the Brookside at the Rose Bowl. Opens at 2 pm, rain or shine, all ages welcome. This is a cashless event, and the website reminds visitors to bring credit cards, Apple pay, etc.

The Ohana Festival

Ohana means family and family means no one is left behind. This Hawaiian-inspired festival mixes fun and conservation. Held at Doheny State Beach at Dana point Sept.30, the festival features great music from the likes of Eddie Vedder, Pink, and Stevie Nicks. The event is family-friendly with lots of great food and beverages.

The festival also provides plenty of information about oceanic conservation. Local conservationists, scientists, researchers, and professional surfers will be on panels and hold exhibitions to answer questions about saving our oceans.

Share the fun with Blink Mobility 

L.A. has hundreds of festivals every summer to have a great time, hear world-class music, try new foods, and meet new people. Don’t have a car but need to arrive in style? Blink Mobility’s fleet of all-electric vehicles will get you to L.A.’s many summer festivals in style.

Going to a festival in a Blink Mobility EV? Share your journey and photos with Blink Mobility and we’ll feature you on our website! Email us your pics at [email protected] or tag us on Instagram @BlinkMobility. We can’t wait to see all the summer fun you’re having in your Blink Mobility EV!

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