Keyless Entry Makes Renting Easier

If you’re wondering how Blink Mobility’s communication app and keyless entry makes renting easier, then you have come to the right blog!

In the past, renting a car may have been a drag but not anymore. Most rental companies only have gas-powered cars and still live in a world of keys and miles of paperwork before you can pick up your car. At Blink Mobility, we’re future minded. All our cars are EVs and have keyless entry systems guided by an app so you can pick up the car when you want, where you want.

Blink Mobility is a cutting-edge EV rental company, and everything from membership to ending your rental starts with our mobile app. Our app enables you as the driver to be in control of the car with a simple app on your phone. As a Blink Mobility member, you have access to our EV fleet 24 hours a day and you can use your mobile device to find the nearest car, begin your rental, unlock the car, and even start the car! Easily lost keys or miles of paperwork that end up in a landfill are yesterday’s news. Take care of everything with only one device—your phone with the Blink Mobility App.

Our app is also what enables our drivers to pick up or drop off their cars at any time. Tired of being dependent on keys? Of needing the rental company or valet to be open just to get your keys back? When you lock and unlock your car with your phone, you don’t need to drop off or pick up your car only during business hours. You can pick up or drop off at any of our 40 locations across Los Angeles on YOUR schedule.

How does it work? Communication apps are designed to allow communication between a user and a device, or the driver and the car, automatically.

You’re probably familiar with RKE, or Remote Keyless Entry, which allows the driver to unlock and even start the car by pushing a button on a small device like a key fob. Our app takes the technology one step further by eliminating need for the key fob. Just use the app on your phone as you would the fob. You can sign up to become a member, manage your membership account, arrange to keep the car longer, secure your doors, and even locate the nearest Blink Mobility charging station with your Blink Mobility app.

Need help? You can also contact support 24/7 by calling (888) 998.2546 ext. 4.

Ready to rent an EV? Download the Blink Mobility app and become a Blink Mobility member today. Once approved, you can start driving with the push of a button. Move forward with Blink Mobility.

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