Master the 10 Car Sharing Commandments

Electric car sharing is more than just a convenient way to get around; it’s a shared commitment to responsible and sustainable mobility. At Blink Mobility, it is our mission to foster a community of responsible drivers who care for our vehicles and respect one another. To ensure everyone enjoys a smooth and safe ride, here are the Ten Commandments of Car Sharing that every member should abide by:

1. Be a Good Neighbor, Clean the Car After Use

A clean car is a happy car. Always leave the vehicle in the same clean and tidy condition you found it, or be prepared to cover the cost of cleaning, which is $50.

2. Report All Damage

Honesty is key. If you notice any damage, no matter how minor, report it through the app. Failure to do so may make you liable for the damage.

3. No Smoking, Vaping, or Drug Use

Keep the air clean for everyone. Smoking, vaping, or drug use in the car is strictly prohibited and may result in immediate membership termination and fines.

4. Don’t Drive the Battery to 0 Miles:

Keep an eye on the battery level. If it gets low, find the nearest charging station. Driving the battery to zero may result in towing fees to an EV charger.

5. Pets are Welcome, but Be Responsible

We love furry friends! They’re welcome in carriers, but please clean up after them. Any damage or excessive dirt due to pets may incur additional fees.

6. Respect Speed Limits

Speeding is not only dangerous but also against the rules. Members caught speeding may face penalties or even membership suspension.

7. Park in Designated Spots

Park the car in designated BlueLA powered by Blink Mobility spots only and take only one parking space. Any illegal parking fines will be passed on to the responsible member.

8. Booking Limitations:

Bookings should not exceed 12 hours. If you encounter any issues ending your booking on time, please communicate promptly. Late returns without prior notification may incur late fees.

9. Respect Local Laws

Follow all local traffic laws and parking regulations. Any traffic or parking tickets received during your reservation are your responsibility.

10. Drive Responsibly and Safely

Safety first. Any reckless behavior or driving under the influence (DUI) will lead to immediate membership termination.

As responsible car sharers, we invite you to treat our cars as you would your own and drive them safely. Let’s work together to keep our sharing community thriving and the roads cleaner and safer for everyone.

Happy and responsible sharing!

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