Micromobility and Car Sharing Are a Match Made in Heaven

Micromobility and EV Car Sharing work great together to get you where you want to go with zero emissions! Car sharing is a preferred method of public transportation for many in Los Angeles, especially those who don’t own cars, but that first mile/ last mile can make it hard to get to your desired car sharing station. Many commuters have come to realize that micromobility is an effective solution to bridging that gap between home or work and your favorite car sharing station.

Management consultancy firm McKinsey & Company coined the term “micromobility” to describe single passenger electric forms of transportation. Micromobility vehicles are small electric vehicles that charge in electric outlets and are emissions-free. The most popular kind of micromobility vehicle continues to be electric bikes, which like the Blink Mobility car sharing service, offer one way rentals, meaning they can be rented and dropped off at another location. E-scooters, skateboards, and Segways are also popular choices. Micromobility vehicles are perfect for commuters who have too far to travel on foot, but not far enough that a car is required.

They are perfect for making up that first or last mile and best of all, e-micromobility vehicles offer an opportunity to travel short distances with no tailpipe emissions. According to the North American Bikeshare & Scootershare Association, micromobility “trips offset 29 million pounds of CO2 emissions because of the corresponding number of car trips replaced in 2020. North American residents gained more than 12 million hours of additional physical activity because they chose an e-scooter, bike, or e-bike.”

Small micromobility vehicles are a great choice for short trips, but inappropriate longer ones and can’t go on the freeway. There are times a car is needed, but they’re expensive to purchase and maintain, not to mention the price of fuel, insurance, parking, and more. When owning a car is not an option, BlueLA powered by Blink Mobility (Blink Mobility, BM) offers fully electric vehicles that can be rented for a few hours to get you across town and where you need to go with zero tailpipe emissions.

Blink Mobility is a 100% electric car sharing service available to anyone over 18 years of age with a valid driver’s license. Members have access to a network of shared electric vehicles 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, at self-service locations. Blink Mobility has many stations throughout central LA, but there still may not be one within walking distance of your home.

Micromobility vehicles are the missing link in the chain that allows commuters to get from their home to the station or the station home. Emission-free micromobility vehicles like electric bikes, scooters, skateboards, and Segways are a great way to get to a Blink Mobility station quickly when it’s too far to walk.

Best of all, these vehicles can usually be rented locally, or commuters can purchase their own. Take your personal electric skateboard to the Blink Mobility station and toss it in the back while you drive where you need to go.

Whether you need an electric micromobility vehicle for the first, the last, or an extra leg of your journey, they fill in the gap between you and the Blink Mobility car sharing station where you get to pick up your electric vehicle.

Blink Mobility and micromobility vehicles—making emissions-free travel more convenient than ever.

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