Pros and Cons of Car Sharing

Car sharing apps and services have become popular with travelers, commuters, and students. The cost of owning a car has risen over the years and with increasing traffic, commuters are looking for more efficient and cheaper options. With Blink Mobility, you can rent an EV, helping to save the environment and reduce your carbon footprint, while being cost-effective and fast. There are many pros and cons to car sharing. Here are a few ways you can benefit from car sharing:


Simple and Convenient

It is so easy to rent a car through a car sharing app these days. Within minutes, you can select your vehicle, pick up location, and process payment. With Blink Mobility, you can drop off at a different station or do a round-trip- whatever works best for you. Faster than renting a car, car sharing apps help you save time and money. With the 24/7 availability of this self-service, you can rent on your own time using the app as your key to unlock and start the car.

Electric Vehicles

Interested in having an EV experience? With Blink Mobility, you can drive the all-electric Chevy Bolt for cents per minute. At Blink Mobility, we exclusively offer electric cars that you can conveniently pick up at locations throughout Central and South Los Angeles and drive as far out as Ventura, and Orange County. By becoming a member, you can try out an electric car to see if it fits for your commute and lifestyle. By renting an electric car, you can start to get familiar with the way it runs before you decide to make a purchase, or you can use it for longer road trips to save money on gas. With soaring gas costs, it makes sense to make the switch. There is no better way to assess a car than to rent it.

Chevy Bolt BlueLA Mobility FNL | Blink Mobility

No Maintenance Costs

Owning a car comes with maintenance, upkeep, and insurance costs that you can avoid if you rent and utilize a car sharing app or service. The fixed costs such as insurance, vehicle registration, taxes, gas, and parking fees all disappear when you use car sharing services. You can keep the headaches at bay and ensure you can keep costs down since you won’t be responsible for any issues with the vehicle. Say goodbye to your mechanic and hello to the ease of car sharing. Blink Mobility helps you save even more since we provide EVs for rent at a very low cost. By becoming a member and renting an EV, you can charge up at any Blink Mobility charging station at no additional cost to you instead of spending way more than its worth to drive around town in LA gas prices.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

With less cars on the road, we are helping to save the environment and practicing more eco-friendly habits. Electric car sharing is the key to slowly detaching and reducing travel, which in turn leads to less emissions and pollution.

There are a few disadvantages to car sharing apps. Here are some of the cons to car sharing:


Ease and Privilege of Your Own Car

When you own your own car, you can store items, decorate, or show off your personality and drive around however you like. You can also quickly hop in the car to run an errand, get to work, or visit family or friends. By car sharing or renting through a car sharing app like Blink Mobility, you lose out on that ease. Sharing a car means needing to be more conscious of leaving the car clean for the next driver.

Must Plan Ahead

The downside to not owning your own vehicle is that you must plan ahead. You can’t always just hop in the car and go, so you must manage your time well and keep to a schedule to rent a car through a car sharing app or to make it to your destination. Students may benefit the most since they have tight schedules with obligations and classes. With the Blink Mobility app, you can keep track and ensure you are being efficient while out on the road.


The pro’s outweigh the cons and choosing to car share to where you need to go throughout Southern California is a smarter way to get around town. With the Blink Mobility App, you can easily start and end an EV rental. Tag us in photos of your next rental on Instagram @BlinkMobility for a chance to win 3 free hours of drive time. We love to see you riding around LA in a Blink Mobility EV.

Charge on!


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