The Secret Savings of Car Sharing

Car sharing is a type of car rental for those who want to use a car for a few hours instead of a few days or more. It’s most popular with those who don’t own a car and need to make an occasional trip, or even commute daily.

There are many times in everyday life that we all need a car, when walking or bicycling just won’t cut it. It’s tough to get around when your choices are walking/biking, precise bus schedules, or expensive taxis.

But owning and operating a car can be very expensive, and the bigger the city you live in, the more expensive it can get. Fuel rates can skyrocket (not to mention fossil fuels contribute to global warming), insurance is a fortune, and liability is high in places with a lot of cars on the road, while maintenance and repairs are often thousands of dollars. Even just storing a vehicle is expensive! The monthly price of a parking spot in some apartment/condo garages can rise into the hundreds and more.

Owning a car is inconvenient and expensive, but we all need one pretty regularly. That’s where car sharing comes in. Borrow a car and get charged only for the hours you have it and the distance you drive. Whether you’re going furniture shopping at IKEA, to the grocery store, the doctor, to visit family, or across town for a lunch meeting, get where you need to go using car sharing.

Below are some expert tips on getting the best deal you can.

How to Save Money on Car Sharing Services IF:

You’re the Type of Driver to Use a Carshare to Commute Daily

Once you pick up your car, you can stop as many times as you want. Why not pick up a few friends and coworkers on the way to work? Splitting the tab is a great way to cut car sharing fees, including refueling. Pick up as many co-workers as you want and chop your daily charges.

Does your business, a local restaurant, or a nearby hotel offer free charging as an amenity? Re-charge the vehicle anywhere you get free electricity to keep costs down.

You’re the Type of Driver Who Is Perpetually Running Late

Late dropping off the car? Some car sharing services give extra minutes out as a nice little freebie in exchange for giving them your email address, signing up for a newsletter, joining a loyalty program, or “liking” them on Facebook. Sometimes the company advertises these discounts and sometimes they don’t. It’s worth checking the site to see if “fans” get a little something extra, especially if you regularly run a couple of minutes over time. Those extra minutes can help you get your car back in its spot with no late charges.

Alternatively some services give out extra minutes in exchange for refueling (in our case re-charging!) cars that technically don’t need it. Taking extra special care of the vehicle can make you a favorite customer.

You’re the Kind of Driver Who Always Wait Until the Last Minute

Rain usually means far fewer vehicles available, and sometimes even jacked-up prices. Check the forecast and prepare. Is there rain predicted n Friday? Reserve a car early.

Always trying to find a vehicle as you walk about the door? Take advantage of memberships offered by car sharing services. Some have online schedules to make arranging a car for one day or an entire week easy. Discounts are often built into memberships also.

Car Sharing is the most convenient and least expensive way to get around town. Car share members pay only for how long they have the car, and for distance traveled. Another advantage is that cars are usually parked in outdoor lots in various locations, so the car can be picked up or dropped off at any time of day or night at any of our locations, not just during business hours.

Want to Car Share, but Concerned About Fossil Fuels?

That’s where Blink Mobility comes in. Blink Mobility offers our customers the opportunity to car share and live sustainably at the same time. Our entire fleet is comprised of electric vehicles, so sharing one of our cars won’t hurt the environment. Go to It’s easy to sign up and join.

Blink Mobility is the friendliest (and greenest) way to drive L.A.

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