The World is Going Electric, and So Should You!

Ready to Rent an EV? Here’s Your EV 101 guide for Blink Mobility!

We’re excited you’re going to rent an EV from Blink Mobility. BlueLA powered by Blink Mobility, is fully committed to providing access to affordable and clean transportation alternatives. Our all-electric car-sharing service began in 2018 and has a 100% fully electric fleet of Chevy Bolts.

Excited to Drive an EV but a Little…Lost?

If you’re not sure how an EV runs, how to refuel, or what an EV really is, you’re not alone. Electric vehicle technology is still new and in the early stages of market penetration. So, to help you understand what’s it all about we’ll walk you through some basics! Got questions? We’ve got answers.

Do EVs Run on Any Amount of Gas at All?

The electric car is referred to as an Electric Vehicle (EV). However, it could also be referred to as Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) or Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV). All electric vehicles run on motors powered by batteries that are charged by electricity. Fully electric vehicles, like the kind Blink Mobility operates and rents, do not use gasoline at all. Electric cars such as the Nissan Leaf, Ford Focus Electric, and Tesla models run solely on electricity. Once the battery is depleted, an electric car needs to be recharged. This can be done either at home or at a public charging station.

What Happens When an EV Runs Out of Charge?

Once the vehicle runs out of charge, just like a gas-powered vehicle (ICEV) running out of gas, it must be refueled. An EV gets “refueled” by recharging the battery at a charging station. Simply connect the station to your car via a cable at a charge point and energy will flow. Blink Charging makes it easy for EV drivers with the Blink Charging Mobile App. With the app you can find stations near you and get directions right from your phone. You can also start a charge from the app, see charging status, transaction history, and manage or reload your account. The charging times depend on the car make and model.

How far can I expect to go before needing to recharge?

Depends on the vehicle, but with most of today’s models, EVs can go as far as, if not farther than, gas-powered vehicles. Today’s models usually have a range of 250-500 miles before needing to stop. So, you won’t need to stop often. Specially because between 70-80% of electric vehicle charging occurs at home. Our Chevy Bolts have a range of about 259 miles. Which is perfect, since about 90% of one’s mobility needs can be met with just 124 miles or less.

What is Range Anxiety?

Range anxiety is the term used to refer to fear of running out of charge before reaching a charging station. But charging stations are everywhere today, from individual stations to chargers at grocery stores, malls, movie theaters, and restaurants. It’s not difficult to find a charger specially living in the state with the most advanced EV adoption, California. You’re also lucky to be driving in Los Angeles where chargers already abound! We recommend using the Blink’s interactive map to find chargers near you.

Why Rent an EV from Blink Mobility?

Blink Mobility car sharing provides members with vehicles for their everyday needs at a very low cost. Featuring over 40 convenient locations across LA and simple self-service rentals. It’s the most convenient ride that fits everyone’s budget. For those that don’t own a car and need to get around the city. It’s the coolest alternative to walking, biking, or a bus. Need to get to IKEA and bring home furniture? Get to work or a doctor’s visit on your own schedule? Want to spend the day at the beach or an amusement park? Try a restaurant or see a movie in a different neighborhood? There are infinite reasons to rent and use our EVs for mobility.

Why is it Smarter to Rent an EV Than Own an ICEV?

Cars are a big expense, especially in a big city. There is the price of the car, then insurance and parking. Both of which are more expensive in cities, maintenance, gas, and more. With an EV rental vehicle, you only pay for the car when you need it and the time you drive. Storage, maintenance, insurance, and all other costs are taken care of by Blink Mobility. With an EV rental, you don’t pay the high price of gas either. And our rates are kept low  with membership prices as low as one dollar a month for low-income qualified members.

The Joy of Driving an EV!

From the smooth silent ride to the immediate torque, you’ll quickly come to love the ride. With the confidence that you’re making the right choice for our planet and your wallet. Additionally, to knowing you’re not contributing to destruction of the environment, the ozone layer, or polluting with particulate matter in the air. EVs are also fun to drive because of their lower center of gravity which makes tight curves a breeze. If you are considering owning an EV but are still not sure about it… Get the feel of driving electric by renting one from Blink Mobility!

How Do I Rent an EV from Blink Mobility?

Start by downloading our app! Fill in your information and once approved, you can find the nearest location for pickup right from your phone. Use your phone to start rentals, unlock the car, and to return the car to any of our convenient locations across Los Angeles.

Rent from Blink Mobility and don’t just drive, move forward.

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