Tips to Save Energy and Money at Work

Going green saves energy. In fact, Conserve Future Energy reports that according to The U.S Department of Energy, if buildings were all green, the U.S. would use $20 billion less energy every single year. Sometimes just knowing where to start can be daunting. Not sure where energy can be easily saved? Ask a professional.

An Environmental Audit

Start by having a professional come in to see where you can replace products or practices with more sustainable ones. According to Buschsystems, an environmental audit is an independent assessment performed that ensures businesses and corporations are meeting environmental regulations. They also make suggestions about how to conform to regulations and what changes can be made in general to save both energy and money.

Cut Down on Waste in Your Purchasing Department

Many things a business needs like paper, boxes, bags, packing material, bottles, caps, and parts of products to be manufactured, come in recycled versions. So do cups, paper towels, and plastic utensils. Companies can see dramatic reductions of internal operating costs by using recycled products when possible.

Employees may notice a lot of little ways to go greener also, such as recycling shredded paper, installing warm-air hand dryers rather than paper towels in restrooms, replacing computer monitors with energy efficient ones, keeping minimal lighting on after business hours, placing recycling bins around desks, replacing regular bulbs with LED lighting, and more.

White Roofs

We all know black absorbs heat and white reflects it, but few people know about the White Roof Project. According to their website, painting a roof white can reflect up to 90% of sunlight! Black roofs reflect around 20%. The Urban Heat Island Effect, as the Project describes it, analyzes the difference in temperature between a city and the suburban areas surrounding it. Cities hold heat because they are surrounded by the color black (black roads, black asphalt, black roofs). They found that a city of 1 million people can be up to 22 degrees warmer than the surrounding area! Painting roofs white helps keep urban areas cooler, saves the home owner money, and even helps decrease global warning.

Do black roofs keep a building warmer in the winter or benefit those who live far north? Not really. Because of the angle at which the sun hits the northern hemisphere in the winter, very little heat is absorbed through roofs during that time of year. White roofs pay off in the summer and have little to no effect in the winter.

Dual Flush Toilets

Toilets use more water than anything else in your company! But every flush doesn’t require the same amount of water, so why use the same amount? Dual Flush toilets use different amounts of water for liquid or solid waste, and are more efficient at removing solid waste than conventional toilets. They cost around $270, minus labor, but there are also kits available in hardware stores and online which can convert a regular toilet to a dual flush without replacing it. These toilets have been appearing at museums and amusements parks for years, and there’s no reason your business can’t take advantage of the savings too.

Get Everyone On Board

Rewards get employees who may not initially be interested, to jump on the bandwagon. Some businesses financially reward those who ride bikes to work or buy an employee lunch the day after they bring their own lunch in permanent containers and cups. Little extras can help motivate staff in get involved.

Install EVSE in Your Business Garage Or Lot

By 2025, 25% of vehicle sales will be electric, and most predict our future is headed to 100% electric. Get ahead of the curve by installing EV charging stations at your business.

Businesses have an opportunity to do their part to clean up the environment by making it easier for employees, visitors, and customers to charge their electric vehicles by installing charging stations. It will earn them LEED points, get attention on social media, increase business, and even make it possible to earn money from charging visitors for electricity use.

According to, access to electric vehicle charging stations at workplaces doubled between 2012 and 2014, and 90% of employers reported their stations were in regular use 5 days a week.

Corporations and employers are always looking for a benefits package that will attract great employees. Providing electric vehicle charging stations at the workplace as benefits and amenities will attract and retain top talent who are environmentally conscious and comfortable with cutting-edge technology.

Why Choose the IQ 200

EV batteries can accept 80% of the available output of a circuit. Therefore, equipment installed on a 40-amp circuit will output 32 amps. Nearly all Level 2 chargers sold require a 40-amp circuit so they can charge at 32 amps. This rate has been fine for the majority of EVs. But the days when every EV was very small and had a short range are over.

Our new IQ 200 charger, which can charge at a rate of up to 65 miles in an hour, has 80-amp output on a 100-amp circuit, making charging faster and easier than ever before. Level 2 chargers are usually better investments for businesses then Level 1 chargers, which charge a vehicle slowly overnight, or DC Superchargers, which are prohibitively expensive, can drain battery life, and don’t work for all cars.

Choose the Blink IQ 200 for the best in fast charging without the hassle of superchargers. Some simple ideas can easily transform your business into a legacy of sustainability.

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