What is Keyless Entry and How Does It Work?

Keyless entry is a convenient system that removes the need for a physical key to unlock car doors. A “fob” or keychain, whether it’s in your hand, in a pocket, or in your bag, will unlock the door hands-free. The same fob works to start the engine.

Keyless entry is intended to enable a driver to lock and unlock their car without a key. Keyless entry to a vehicle is usually attained by sending a radio frequency signal from a remote transmitter to the receiver in the car. According to Compustar, the signal is sent as encrypted data from the keychain to your car.

Most keyless entry systems also allow the driver to open the vehicle, particularly the trunk, by pressing a button or using a shoe. The sensors for the trunk detect movement and open it automatically, a handy detail for those who are grocery shopping or moving. The car sends out the short radio signal. If the fob is in range, it’s then triggered to respond to the car, sending out its own code. The car recognizes this and unlocks the doors.

The vast majority of these systems are one-way with limited range. The remote sends a signal to the car, but the car does not send a signal back. They also don’t work more than about 50 feet away.

Keyless ignition works in the same way and requires the same fob. The keychain sends a remote signal to the car’s onboard computer system, which then confirms the code is correct, and then sends a signal to the engine.

 Aftermarket Installation of Keyless Entry

Some aftermarket varieties of keyless entry, such as the T11, are two-way systems that allow drivers to hear back if the car is really locked with the press of a button, offering drivers peace of mind.

New technologies even allow a car to unlock when the driver walks by with the keychain in their pocket. The EZ-Go can be installed by drivers after purchase and unlocks the car if the keychain is within range, without pressing a button.

Another option is Drone Mobile, which enables drivers to connect a smart phone to their vehicle. Commands can be sent to and from the car with virtually no range limit. “Other features include, but are not limited to: vehicle tracking, geo tracking, security alerts, remote start, and keyless entry.”

Keyless entry is very convenient, but are there reasons to do without it?

 Security Issues

According to buyacar.uk, “Your car doesn’t automatically switch off the engine and lock itself if the fob goes out of range. This is to ensure that you’re not suddenly stranded in the middle of the motorway if its battery dies.

However, this also means that you could drop someone off who has the key fob in their bag or pocket and then drive away. As soon as you turn the engine off, you won’t be able to start the car again.”

There are also security concerns involving keyless entry. Some thieves are able to block the signal between the keychain and the car to keep it unlocked, or fake the code to unlock car doors. Keyless ignition presents the same problem. Police recommend a steering wheel lock in addition to keyless entry in urban areas. It’s also recommended to keep keychains out of windows and other areas where thieves could potentially steal the signal.

Keyless entry is very convenient and a keyless ignition feels cool and high-tech. Most drivers don’t want to do without them; however, they cannot be counted upon to fully keep a vehicle safe is a thief is as tech savvy as the equipment.

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