Why College Students Love Car Sharing

College students need low-cost, affordable transportation that won’t let them down while helping to save the environment. In Los Angeles, BlueLA powered by Blink Mobility is the all-electric car sharing service that helps students get around the bustling city and to and from campus easily. With monthly memberships as low as $1, students throughout Los Angeles can rely on Blink Mobility to rent an electric vehicle and avoid expensive gas costs or servicing as they would with their own gas-powered car. College students can avoid maintenance costs, general upkeep, insurance, and more by renting electric vehicles instead of going the route of buying a new or used car. While public transportation can help offset pollution and save money, every student has dealt with a lagging bus, or late train or wasted time or money trying to procure a ride through ride-sharing apps in this busy city. Instead of utilizing shaky LA transportation, students can ensure they have a ride that can be managed through a self-service system with Blink Mobility’s app. Whether you need a large or small vehicle, are running errands or needing a ride to class, Blink Mobility is clearly the best car sharing program for college students.

Budget Friendly

Drivers can save 45% by purchasing a 3-hour or 5-hour rental package, making this an even more economical option for struggling students needing dependable transportation throughout the day. With skyrocketing gas prices, efficient transportation via an electric car rental leads to cost-savings, which is key for students who may or may not be employed and are dealing with tight budgets. Some college students may not need a car full-time, so being able to rent an EV would be perfect for when they do require a ride or want to be able to transport items for a move or pick up visiting family or friends. Short trips that would be a hassle on the bus or walking or biking, can be easily handled by renting an electric car from Blink Mobility. Students have the option to drive an electric vehicle for their needs that day, whether it includes fun, work, school, or a combination!

Environmentally Friendly

Blink Mobility is the environmentally friendly choice of the community, with our car sharing service providing a greener transportation option in Los Angeles. Quickly pick up an electric vehicle from one of our Blink Mobility car sharing stations, conveniently located near campuses such as University of Southern California (USC), Los Angeles Trade Technical College (LATTC), and Los Angeles City Community College (LACC). You can drop off the vehicle once you are done and handle membership costs and scheduling through the Blink Mobility app. We have over 40 locations throughout Central and South LA with 24/7 availability. Simply start your rental, unlock for keyless entry, and start driving! Reducing greenhouse gas emissions, this clean energy transportation option helps you reduce your carbon footprint, without sacrificing the ease of driving around in your own vehicle. Sure, there will be less cars on the road with car sharing, but the type of vehicle being driven has an affect too. By emitting less pollutants and greenhouse gases and with zero C02 emissions, EVs are the smart choice to combat climate issues and keep the planet healthy. Our first generation EVs make it affordable and simple for college students to get behind the wheel of a trendy electric car through our car sharing service.

Student Friendly

College students need reliable transportation on demand, and Blink Mobility is here to provide a car sharing service that can fulfill their transportation needs in a cost-efficient and hassle-free way. Anyone over the age of 18 with a valid driver’s license can become a member and rent an EV.

Want a consistent ride? Need to pick up friends? Blink Mobility’s membership offers a smarter way for you to drive around the city, while helping the environment, and keeping your costs low. Sign up for a membership today and join the community of EV riders in Los Angeles.

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