Why Join an EV Car-Sharing Service? There are More Reasons Than You May Think

For some, the idea of joining a car-sharing service is a big step. They ask themselves how many times they’re really going to need a car- how many times they’re going to drive cross country, or visit someone hundreds of miles away, or move across town. It may not seem worth it to rent a car when they can walk or bike to most places.

But car-sharing companies and car rental companies are actually very different things. Most car rental companies rent cars by the day, the week, the month, or even longer, and are used most often by customers on vacation or with their regular car in the shop.

Car sharing is a type of car rental for those who want to use a car for a few hours instead of a few days or more. It’s most popular with those who don’t own a car and need to make an occasional trip, or even commute daily. Car share members pay only for how long they have the car, and for distance traveled. Another advantage is that cars are usually parked in lots in convenient locations across a city, so the car can be picked up or dropped off at any time of day or night, and not just during business hours.

What could you do with a car for a few hours? Commute, and never miss the bus to work again. Try out that grocery store across town that your friend recommended. Go to the library or bookstore. Get to the doctor or hospital if you’re sick. Get to a job interview. Meet your friends at a new cub. Indulge your craving for Tom Kha and have lunch in Thai Town. Buy a new bookshelf at Ikea and get it home. And yes, go visit your family or help a friend move.

There are many times in everyday life that we all need a car, when walking or bicycling just won’t cut it. But owning and operating a car can be very expensive, and the bigger the city you live in, the more expensive it can get. Fuel rates can skyrocket (not to mention fossil fuels contribute to global warming), insurance is a fortune, and liability is high in places with a lot of cars on the road, while maintenance and repairs are often thousands of dollars. Even just storing a vehicle is expensive! The monthly price of a parking spot in some apartment/condo garages can rise into the hundreds and more.

Owning a car is inconvenient and expensive, but we all need one pretty regularly. That’s where Blink Mobility comes in. Blink Mobility offers our customers the opportunity car-share, and rent a car for only a few hours. Our entire fleet is comprised of electric vehicles, so sharing one of our cars won’t hurt the environment. It’s easy to sign up and join.

It’s tough to get around when your choices are walking/biking, precise bus schedules, or expensive taxis. Drive yourself, then drop the car off when you don’t need to anymore, all while keeping pollution out of the air. Blink Mobility is the answer to paying for a car only when you need it.

Blink is a leading owner/operator of electric vehicle charging stations, with chargers deployed around the world. Blink designs, manufactures, and deploys charging stations. Together with their clients, Blink is building a greener future.

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