Why We Love Electric Car Sharing

Car sharing is fast becoming a great mode of transportation for commuters, students, families, and SoCal residents. With carpool lanes helping you zoom by traffic, you can car share to events, for local road trips, or for daily commutes and errands. Car ownership has been increasing in cost over the years, and availability of new and used cars is dwindling with mounting economic issues. Blink Mobility loves that car sharing gives everyone the opportunity to get to where they need to be by car. Our electric vehicles also help save the environment with zero emissions.


Sometimes you need to get where you’re going by car but owning a car or using a ride sharing service, like Uber or Lyft, can be costly. Car sharing is more cost-effective than ride sharing and provides you more autonomy. Car sharing is also more affordable than owning a vehicle and handling maintenance and insurance fees as well as monthly car payments. There is no down payment needed and no depreciation of the vehicle. You can be driving around for dollars a day without the added monthly insurance payments, car payments, or maintenance fees that come with owning a car. Blink Mobility offers a Community membership to low-income qualified individuals for $1 a month. You can also save on fuel costs with our EV fleet that can be picked up at convenient charging stations located throughout central and southern Los Angeles. With these low rates everyone can experience driving an electric vehicle.


Car sharing saves you money but with Blink Mobility, you get the added benefit of going green and saving on emissions by making the sustainable choice to rent an EV. We are the best fully electric car sharing service in Los Angeles- with 40 locations throughout the city, we make car sharing simple. Our fully electric fleet is ready to be rented through our app. The best part is that your EV rental will only cost you a few cents per minute for rides around town or local road trips. The low membership fee is set up to help the community and reduce traffic, as well as C02 emissions. Our fleet of Chevy Bolts provides members with a 259-mile range which is more than enough miles to get you through your day and make your commute smoother. You can rent an EV for quick rides if you do not have regular transportation and would rather not contribute to the pollution that ICE vehicles create. Decreasing greenhouse gas emissions is imperative to being more eco-friendly as we continue to battle climate change.

Transit Equity

Not only does Blink Mobility save you money, and reduce C02, but it also ensures that all Angelenos, regardless of their socioeconomic status or Los Angeles neighborhood, have access to safe, reliable, and affordable transportation options.

Access to transportation is essential for people to access employment, education, healthcare, and other essential services. By promoting transit equity, we can create a more just society, where all people have the opportunity to thrive and succeed. Blink Mobility is proud to be part of an inclusive and sustainable transportation system that benefits everyone.

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