Tesla’s Cybertruck Heralds a New Era in EV

As early as 2012, Elon Musk was discussing a desire to create a pickup truck with load-compensating suspension, comparable to the Ford F-250. His state-of-the-art Cybertruck is taking the EV world by storm.

The Cybertruck is an all-electric vehicle with more utility than a truck and better performance than a sports car. According to Cnet’s Road Show, the Cybertruck is similar in size and towing capacity to any other truck, but the similarities end there.

With the ability to go from 0 to 60 in 2.9 seconds, the Cybertruck breaks records, making a quarter-marker marker in 11 seconds. A strong stainless steel alloy body makes it tougher than an ordinary truck. The Cybertruck will be offered in three models, one with a 250-mile range, another with a 300-mile range, and the other with a whopping 500-mile range, going further without a fuel up than any gas-powered vehicle. But, what stops most people in their tracks is the punky, futuristic design that looks like it’s straight from the “Blade Runner” set.

2.9 Seconds

Record Breaking 0-60 Time of the Tesla CyberTruck

The Cybertruck looks nothing like a traditional truck, but then again, the industry has thought of traditional truck owners as exclusively interested in gas-powered vehicles. Part of the reason for that may be early EVs had little range, towing capacity, or torque, making carrying loads or towing more difficult than with a gas-powered vehicle. Taking advantage of cutting edge technology, EVs today are faster, tougher, and smarter, with longer range than ever before. Despite advances in technology, some still believe electric vehicles and trucks don’t mix.

Selling over 200,000 Cybertrucks in two days without advertising, Tesla may have proven that assumption wrong. In fact, car manufacturers have gotten the message that EV drivers aren’t satisfied with only smaller cars, and have the same towing needs as any other consumer.

Many new electric trucks and SUVs are slated to become available to consumers in the next year. While Michigan start-up Rivian presents immediate competition for Tesla, many well-known car manufacturers are getting in on the market. GM and Ford are introducing more than five new electric pick-up trucks within the next year, including a fully electric F-150. But are truck drivers really ready for electric vehicles?

Michael Farkas, CEO of Blink Charging Company, the largest operator of vehicle charging stations in the country, thinks so. “Now, when you have beautiful cars that drive long distances, that have autonomy and all these unbelievable functionality and features, I think the cars will sell themselves.”

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