Top 10 Fun Places to Charge Up This Summer

Summer driving season is upon us, and families across America are gearing up to travel as soon as the quarantines and lockdown restrictions allow them to. While there still may be partial lockdowns and quarantines, people are indicating their intent to vacation, in fact, according to a AAA survey, nearly 100 million Americans are planning a family vacation. That number is up slightly from last year. The more impressive statistic from the survey, however, is 53% of respondents are expecting to drive for their vacation.

In order to make sure EV drivers have the best possible vacation, we decided to put together a top ten list of some of the most interesting and fun charging destinations so you can have fun and Charge On!

  1. Magnificent Mile – Chicago, IL: Once of the most iconic streets in America now allows EV drivers to enjoy unique and world renown museums, dinning, shopping, and entertainment venues while charging their EV.
  1. Mall of America – Bloomington, MN: EV Drivers can enjoy a unique shopping experience in the largest mall in the United States. After the long walk and unforgettable shopping experience, your EV will be ready to take you wherever your next adventure goes.
  1. Houston Zoo at Herman Park – Houston, TX: Take the whole family to the iconic Houston Zoo at beautiful and historic Herman Park. Enjoy the reflecting pool, the golf course the Houston Museum of Natural Science, or just stroll the park while your EV charges up.
  1. Constitution Plaza, Hartford, CT: One of the hidden gems of the North East, Constitution Plaza offers a unique blend of fine dining, hotels, nightlife, and family attractions. From private river tours, to painting classes and French cuisine, you’ll be well taken care of while your EV charges up.
    1. San Francisco Museum of Modern Art – San Francisco, CA: While charging their EV on vacation, drivers can explore some of the world’s best and most recognizable collections of modern and contemporary art.


Percentage of Survey Respondents Who Expect to Drive for Vacation in 2020

      1. Hall Wines / Clif Family Winery – St. Helena, CA: One of the most relaxing things to do on a vacation is to enjoy a private tour of an elite vineyard and winery. Enjoy the Clif Family tasting room or a unique wine cycling adventure while charging up your EV. Just be sure to not drink and drive ;).
      1. High Desert Museum, Bend, OR: Enjoy majestic views in this one-of-a-kind wildlife refuge and historical museum. Rated as Central Oregon’s top attraction, the High Desert Museum can provide you an unforgettable experience while you charge your EV and even adopt an animal.
      1. Oak Point Rec Center – Plano, TX: More than just a community rec center, the Oak Point Center in Plano, TX presents a unique and entertaining road trip destination. With amenities like rock climbing, racquetball, state-of-the-art gym, and indoor/outdoor swimming pools, the whole family and your EV can take a break from the road to recharge the batteries with a little fun.
      1. Houston Arboretum – Houston, TX: When vacationing in a big city, like Houston, sometimes you may need an escape. Enjoy the natural wonders and experience the 155-acre nature sanctuary while charging up for your next destination.
      1. Glenn and Viola Walters Cultural Arts Center – Hillsboro, OR: Located in the heart of downtown Hillsboro, the Glenn & Viola Walters Cultural Arts Center is a proud showplace for the arts and a vibrant representation of the local community. Charge up your EV while enjoying a concert, art exhibits or family art night.
      1. BONUS! South Beach, Miami Beach, FL: For Blink Charging HQ it is more of a staycation, but for you, it can be the cherry on top of a great family road trip. Because of the myriad of EV charging options all over the island, you’ll be able to enjoy the beautiful beaches, world class dining, historic hotels and unparalleled night life, without having to worry.

When taking a road trip, it’s important to enjoy the trip as much as the destination, which is why creativity and uniqueness are important when picking where to stop. Since EV charging is also a critical part of planning the trip, the previous destinations offer to kill two birds with one stone.

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